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17 January 2030 @ 11:16 am
Only my friends
are able to read my *most* personal posts.

私はあくまで執事ですから ~ Watashi wa akuma de shitsuji desu kara. x')

01 January 2030 @ 04:38 pm
When purchasing/buy my sales stuff, please leave feedback here!

Or give me feedback for me as a buyer is alright too :)
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anything positive would be really nice.

Negative comments are welcome too :-)


Everything I do before shipping is with care. ♥

Thank you in advance for leaving me a feedback!
Hope we'll do some business again!
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31 October 2012 @ 03:25 pm
It's been a while since I've posted!
So today is halloween, though I'm not celebrating it, I'll just listen to some random Halloween-songs :P
Well, what did I do for the past few weeks?
Well my order arrived~ Halloween Junky Orchestra - Halloween Party regular edition from CDjapan *\(^_^)/*

Halloween Party

Beside that, I'm going with a lot of friends to Black Line's European tour in Utrecht on my birthday, the 19th of December!
I'm going to have sooooo much fun! :3

I've been drawing a lot and even made some paintings for Black Line~

Check out some of them on my deviantart: linhsan.deviantart.com

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04 August 2012 @ 11:46 am

it's been a while! I haven't blogged much lately, anyways I'm enjoying my holidays pretty much,
although I've gotta work a lot these past few weeks. :P

Yesterday I made some sketches for my new painting...

but it's far from done :P
A week ago... I went to Rotterdam to buy some manga ^^

I think I'll go again in 2 weeks~ ^^

Yesterday I worked til 21:00 and suddenly it rained really hard '__')!
And I didn't bring a jacket or an umbrella with me -lol-
but lucky the rain was over when I went home!

That's for now~
I've no idea what to blog haha. :-)!
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10 July 2012 @ 08:45 am
Since last week, my music collection is getting bigger and bigger. :p

I'm not a die-hard to have more than 40 CD's but it's growing slowly... ;)
Since 2 years I've now 12 CD's^^
excluding some few singles/albums I've bought from Itunes (a)

I'm just a VK maniac if it's about it's genre music^^

My last spare time is today... tomorrow I gotta work fulltime til Saturday.. -dies-
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08 July 2012 @ 09:54 pm

Omgod I'm still exited you know!! and too nervous!!

I got first in the concert hall, but I was so stupid not to bring my camera with me (was in my bag left at tivoli's care)
so someone else made with her camera the picture.. so I gotta wait to receive that picture!!

Band photo updated

(This is so extreme failing!! I closed my eyes, or looked down.. Because I was too nervous aaaarghh!
But at least I got the picture with them XDD)

When I had to come to the band close, I was really extreme nervous.. so I walked directly between Nimo & Rookie and made a greetting. Nimo & Rookie introduced themselves and I was like I know you!! and I know you too (baka ne? XD)
And Toshi.. I think he was spacing out. Anyway for the picture I did peace lol. and Rookie said: ''peace?''
And I said yes peace ;D
And then Nimo gave Toshi a bump like ''Toshi.''
And he looked and realised we were going to take a picture :P

and so the picture was taken.. ;p

Anyways, about the concert itselfs: it was totally amazing! 100% blewed away!

They started with the song Night of the Knights
(the whole setlist was on the ground, so we as fans were sneaky reading XDD)
The other songs they also played (which I can remember...) were:
Mirrors of Terror, Fool's Gold, Canary, NUDE, LOVELESS, Shangri-la, The bonus track from Tales for the Abyss type A/B *not sure though, Black Butterfly, Sakura, masquarade.. and some other songs,

but my brain wasn't working 100% so I couldn't remember everything hehe. :)

And so the concert started!! Toshi, Nimo & Rookie were soooo closeeee!
I had a few times some kind of a Shoe-shock XD!

I was swinging and then suddenly: BAAAAWWM!!! and I was (O____O)!
I've looked at their shoes closely.. and it was pretty nice lol.
They all were unbelieveable closeeeee :o
I was still in a ''Shocking-to-close-moment'' xD!!
(//// v ////)

Toshi had those sticking bands (we call it in dutch Klittenband) on his shoes,
was very interesting to see lol.

I can remember that I had seen Toshi's shoes the most lol.
Nimo, Toshi & Rookie were putting their food on the right soundbox: the one in front of me
so I could look very closely to them ♥__♥

Oh yes when Rookie came near me I saw his belly button -lol-

anywayssss, while Toshi playing his bass, I was waving with my hands and he suddenly grabbed my hand and holded it for some 10 seconds!!

(I was totally shocked, and looked like (O__O) ??.. EEH?! xD)

I can't be happier than this lol!!
Also Nimo was teasing Toshi because he couldn't speak English at all, so he was like eh me?!
And we all shouted: ii desu, it's okay~!

At the whole concert I was singing along XDD
And I looked at Nimo while singing along and he noticed I was singing and made an eye contact with me and smiled like ''Great to see you sing-along ;D''
He looked really happy ^__^

At the concert there were also a 2 pause times (not sure anymore) or how they usually call.. an encore?
Anyways, Toshi appeared and he did an epic solo-bass!
I was really blewed away!!

And in the next pause there was a drum solo of the support member,
and that was totally INSANE XDD

Plus during the live the guitar support member made a ''good'' sign while smiling at me ;3!!

I'm still in shock and all!!!!
Because this is more epiccccccc!!!!!

I will tell you ok?! It really happened, because my friend was there too and some other fandomness was looking


Okay, this is the story:

after the concert I immidiately took my bag back and saw Steff from Astan standing, so I waited til he was done with talking and told him I didn't knew I should have gave them my gifts and that I totally forgot to do at the first meeting/where every VIP took a photo with the band..

so Steff looked at me and said: you want to give them your gifts? come with me.
And I was: ''O__O? okay ...''  

***I was full of question marks, because I didn't knew what actually was going to happen***

So I followed him ... I saw it was coming... when I walked up the little stairs left from the stage..

I was going backstage!!!!!!
(and the other fans were looking like, ''what's going to happen?!'')

and when I was by the stairs, Steff told me to wait.. so I waited.. nervously XDDD!!

-heard Steff's footsteps going above.. talking something and goes downstairs..-
and then Steff  told me:
There is 1 person of the band coming, because the other 2 is N-A-K-E-D.(  !! ?)
and I was ''Oh O__O really.. that's okay.. XD''

and then... I was frozen... I heard footsteps coming after Steff's...
....Rookie Fiddler came down!! XDD

(I drew a moment from my mind and it looked a bit like this)

And I was: .... ....?!!?!?!?! Rookie... ..?!
And I was praising him muwhaha ;3

Btw, he was already half-changed!
He was wearing his *Mickey Mouse t-shirt already, it looked cutee~!!
The mickey mouse T-shirt was this one, taken from Rookie's blog:

(he really loves Mickey Mouse, doesn't he? ;p)
and below he was still wearing his ACE pants^^

And then I told Rookie that I had some gifts for them and I showed it one-by-one.
(these were my gifts before handing them over, I made a picture at home)

At first my drawing and he was impressive and asked ''is that me?''

-watashi wa baka, I didn't answer of nervousity and went on to my next gift- XD T_____T!

Then I showed my painting and Rookie was surprised!! 
And I told him that I hope he will hang this up on his wall, or at least A's wall XD
Also I told him that I made it with my whole heart~

Then afterwards I showed him the candy I bought, Dutch candy are always welcome ne?~
and at last.. a small tegami with a card.. and I said: ''I have a letter for you, you can read it backstage'' (my informal is gone, I'm so rude lol gomenasai ;_;!!!)

And then Steff said ''You can hug :)''
And I was like '
'Really?! CAN I?''
... then Rookie opened his arms -my mind was spinning- XDD
And then I hugged him toooo~ and Rookie said softly '
'Arigatou~'' ♥

After that he waved, smiled and said arigatou again and I waved too and said Arigatou while walking to the exit ^__^

And that was my awesome day... !!!!!

So.. what has Linh bought???
except the Signed poster + Megaromania Tour T-shirt + a glowstick (for being a VIP getting free but the signing is hard visible because of the gold-colored pencil thingie)..
anyways I bought these stuff

Tour T-shirt, towel, photoset and Tales for the Abyss type A!

Photos of the concert (my friend made)

Nimooooo~♥ ^___^!

Kawaii Rookie!

Toshi on epic Bass!

And this one is nice too~ loved his hair!! and he grabbed my hand with his right arm♥__♥
haha, I just saw Rookie posted my painting on his blog too XDDDD
I think he did this because I told him that I made that painting with my whole heart..
or he had readed my tegami/card...

Anyways, I'm honored!

@ this blogpost OMG XD!!!
It was hard to paint that bunny xD
+ I painted myself on the painting too~ lol,
the one smiling with a ribbon -> watashi wa desu!

After this live, I'd love to see them again if they'll come ^__^!

We are A!

Thank you for reading my awesome experience ^__^!

It's still like I'm dreaming...~♥
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05 July 2012 @ 03:26 pm

I waited the whole day and it finally cameeeee~
So happy!

I welcome you, my 11th J-Rock CD!!!!<3

My 12th CD will come this Sunday night!
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04 July 2012 @ 07:26 pm
I've set up a few questions for Sunday's concert~ there are quite a lot, but I think I'll just pick out some that's really neccesary >__<)

And tomorrow my package will comeeee -exiteddddd-

I'll be looking at the window til it arrives.. or at least when the tracking website says it's on the way to my house xD
Otherwise it would be time waste to stand the whole morning at the window XDD

+ my purse is going to burn after sunday night.... poor thing :(
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03 July 2012 @ 08:35 pm
I've been having headaches for a few days now... (Noooooo. I won't get sick before sunday night ends!!)

And it seems my package has been shipped and is traveling to a few places in Japan before reaching my country xD

I imagine how that will looks, like in a cartoon.. it get arms and legs and is holding a luggage with sunglasses.. waah.
Like a real tourist. >__<))

Curious if it will arrive tomorrow in my country, don't wanna wait any longer :p
Also I'm kinda a baka.. my summer holidays has started.. and what am I doing?!

.... to fill my boreddom... I'm doing maths.. for fun.. xD (???!!!!)
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Yesss, -again-!

I've just ordered MEJIBRAY - Slivers.exe 2nd press mini-album from CDjapan a while ago now!
I was very nervous about my very first order -lol- but that went well, so I'm giving it an another try ^^

Also because I finally can go to the 3rd year for becoming an assistant teacher ^___^ Yattaaa! ;D

Next week... on Sundays, will become a great day!
Because I'll be going to my first Visual Kei band concert >__<!

I also managed to get a VIP ticket for a meet & greet, picture with the band, a signed poster and more!! *happy*
I'll be going with my dear buddies~♥ I'm sure I'll be having fun!! I'll make a special post about it too with pictures if possible^^

I'm doing a count-down already lol... I'm tooooooo exited!!

I also made a little present for my awesome first VK band ''A''

Although I'm not good in painting.. since it's my 2nd time lol.
But the chibi-faces look well, and I painted myself too XD *the right below one, next to the white haired one*

Uhmm.. what else..?
Oh yes!! Today was an aweful day to work.. it was hot and it made me dizzy xD
I felt like I almost going to faint xD but it didn't happen ^^

For next week, I'll be waiting for my CD to arrive~ hopefully friday...

Aarrgh. Can't wait. XD
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